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Duster Moccasin {1}
Duster Moccasin {2}
Duster Moccasin {3}
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Duster Moccasin {1}
Duster Moccasin {2}
Duster Moccasin {3}
Duster Moccasin {4}
Duster Moccasin {5}
Duster Moccasin {6}
Duster Moccasin {7}

Duster Moccasin

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Duster Moccasin

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The Moccasins pictured are a representation of the custom tailored footwear
that we can create for you. THIS ITEM IS CUSTOM ORDER ONLY. We handcraft each
hide order as it is received, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.
Prices begin at $205.00 and range up to $465.00, depending on the hide and
decoration options selected.

All custom items are HAND SEWN with artificial sinew out of your choice of
hide colors. All hide products have natural flaws, scars, and holes that occur
during the life of the animal or the tanning process.

The color of hide choices possible are tan, light tan or cream commercial
hide. Also, white commercial hide is available for an additional price.
Moccasin can be ordered with no beadwork or fully decorated with pigmentation
and beadwork. Please not that we only produce designs from the Fur Trade Era.
Therefore, we only work with size 8 seed beads and your color choices will be
limited to this historical period. The pigment color choice and beadwork
pictured on these moccasins are examples only of possible designs.

Contact us through Etsy to begin building your custom design. We can also
split up the total cost into two payments.

This unique style of moccasin is mainly associated with Southern Plains
tribes, such as the Comanche, Kiowa and Arapahoe. The top of the Duster
features a row of short fringe that runs down the instep from the ankle to the
toe. Longer fringes, from six to eight inches in length, at the heel seam trail
behind the moccasin.

There are several thoughts behind the reason for the addition of the long
fringing at the heel. One popular belief is that it spiritually, perhaps even
physically, conceals the tracks of the Duster wearer. Some tribes would also
add the tail of a skunk to the heel. No matter what the reason may be
historically, the addition of the extra fringing definitely creates a
distinctive flair.

Construction Details

Since the Southern Duster is a variation of the “two-piece” plains moccasin
pattern, it provides comfort and durability along with distinct style. As with
all Elk Dreamer moccasins, it features an elk inner sole. This creates a double
layer of hide between your foot and any rough terrain. Also, we reinforce the
sole seam on the toe and heel with double stitching. The sole seam stitching is
protected even further with the creation of a welted seam. A welted seam is
formed by the addition of a strip of hide between the upper and the sole that
is trimmed close after the seam is sewn. This additional hide strip will
protect the Duster stitching along the sole from daily wear and sharp objects.

Adornment Options

As traditional in most Southern garments, the beadwork was usually sparse. Fur
Trade Era moccasins have beadwork across the instep of the upper. Two angled
lanes of beadwork with a splash of color added between decorated the toe of the
moccasin. The Dusters of some southern tribes featured a long forked tongue
that would also be decorated with a little color and edged with beads. Tinklers
were sometimes added on the vamp fringe.

Your decoration options are certainly not limited to only those presented in
these tables. This pigmentation is included in the price of all beadwork
options. The decoration options presented are designed to help you determine
the amount of decoration that will fit your budget. We will work with you to
build your design within this historical era. Before beginning construction,
you will be presented with a full detailed sketch for your approval. All you
need worry about is the amount of beadwork decoration that will fit your
budget. This allows you the ultimate control in creating your garment, while
remaining within your budget.
Brand: ElkDreamers
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